Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ray's Sighting

On April 25, 2012, 8:30pm, an adult bigfoot and a juvenile were sighted in Felton, California standing next to a tree beside a road.

On July 16, 2012, 4:10pm, about half mile away from the April sighting, a friend of mine (Ray) saw a bigfoot in the bushes beside a pond.

A few months after Ray's sighting, I showed him the Pete Travers' Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sketch Project photos of possible bigfoot faces and he selected the photo in the upper left (Picture 1) as most close to what he saw. Even when I pointed him to a few of the others, he said no, Picture 1, except the hair above the eyes came down lower (not so much forehead skin showing as in the drawing).

As it stood and walked away on 2 legs, Ray said it's arms were long, hung down low and swung to and fro as it walked away, The hands were big, cupped with long fingers, no claws or long nails noticed, didn't see inside of hand, outside covered in hair.

The bigfoot Ray saw last summer was sitting on it's butt in the bushes holding a sprig of what appeared to be bay leaves in front of it's face. In front of the creature were some small broken tree branches with their bark still on. To the creature's left and a little behind it were simular branches without any bark on them. One interpretation of this scene is that the creature was eating bay leaves along with bark from small tree branches. Ray estimated the creature's height to be slightly less than 7 foot when it walked away on 2 feet.

My thanks to Jody Marsh for this idea...
If we estimate the creature's weight at 600 pounds and plug this along with a 7 foot height into the Calorie Calculator at www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html, we get about 7500 calories needed to maintain it's weight with extra active exercise, some less if not so active (such as sitting in the bushes all day). Searching Google for "how many calories in 5 pounds of bay leaves", we find that 7500 calories is a little more than 5 pounds of bay leaves. Add in maybe munching on bark as well and there's perhaps no need to chase deer or elk, leastwise, not every day.

Near the pond on the day of Ray's sighting, there were people hikers, a few horse riders and at least one wild turkey. None showed any knowledge of a possible predator being close by in the bushes.

The following week after his sighting, Ray was interviewed at the Bay Area Bigfoot Group monthly meeting in San Mateo.

In 2013, Ray's story appeared on the TV show Finding Bigfoot called Surf's Up Sasquatch.

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